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Pater Noster island

Winner AHEAD AWARDS 2021

Pater Noster

57°53’45”N 11°27’57”E - Hamneskär - Sweden

Winner of the Gold Key Award 2020
Winner of Hospitality design Awards 2021
Winner of AHEAD Awards 2021
Winner of AHEAD Global Awards 2022 Best new concept in the world
Grand tourism award Sweden
Platinum Winner, Outstanding Property Award London

Barren and beautiful. Wild and welcoming. Located on a desolate Swedish island, the old home for generations of lighthouse keepers offers a different kind of luxury for experience seeking travellers.

AHEAD Awards 2021/11/19 at the Evolution London
Pater Noster Lounge
Pater Noster bar
Pater Noster boat
wallpaper breakdown

Linked to local history and nature

By combining old technical drawings of the lighthouse and kelp patterns, Stylt created bespoke wallpapers;  a relevant and stylish link to local history and nature.

Pater Noster  lounge
Pater Noster Diningtable
Pater Noster stationery
Pater Noster beer
Pater Noster logo
Pater Noster writing
Pater Noster oscars close
Pater Noster oscars
”It’s a sign of the times that a place that is so inaccessible, weather-exposed and barren beats traditional luxury.” Erik Nissen Johansen, Stylt founder
Pater poster island evening
Pater Noster outdoor bed
Pater Noster door

unique back-to-nature experiences

The nine bedrooms accommodate up to 18 guests, and if you want to sleep under the stars, a luxury king-size bed can be arranged on the cliffs next to the sea. That's low-key luxury with a dash of roughness at its best. 

Pater Noster outdoor bed
room detail
Pater Noster room
Pater Noster room detail
Pater Noster room
Pater Noster room detail
Pater Noster room
Pater Noster room
Pater Noster suite